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Racereport Holzgerlingen #7 |Championship points for the team

Last weekend the Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team was racing the 7th round of the ADAC MX Masters championship in Holzgerlingen. The unique layout of the 1.8 km long track, consisting of technically challenging natural sections and a series of 15 jumps, pushed the riders to their limits, especially in the scorching sun this year.

However, it wasn’t just the skill and endurance of the riders that were tested. The bikes also faced significant mechanical challenges. Technical sections that evolved throughout the weekend and the long jumps, as well as the deep drops, demanded precision from both man and machine.

In the ADAC MX Masters class there were unfortunate technical issues. After Samuel Flink could only secure the 25th position in his group due to a failed qualifying attempt, he had to once again prove his abilities in the Last Chance Qualifying Race. While Samuel has often demonstrated himself as an outstanding starter, anything was still possible. However, after the 5th lap, he was forced to stop the bike due to technical problems.

The ADAC MX Youngster class had only partial representation this time. While Fabian Trossen braved the heat in Holzgerlingen, Junior Bal had to recover from his shoulder injury sustained in a crash in Tensfeld.

Fabian also struggled to qualify and had to prove himself in the Last Chance Qualifying Race. However, a different picture emerged here. Both the rider and the bike performed well on the demanding track, and the heat didn’t bother Fabian much as he fought his way to 3rd place. In the races he unfortunately couldn’t maintain this high standard and had to settle for 36th, 35th, and 34th places after challenging starts.

In the ADAC MX Junior cup, there was also a missing rider, leaving Sebastian Lorenzen as the sole representative of the team for the weekend. He managed to qualify for the races right away. However, only two races were held in the 125cc class due to the 85cc class that was also present this weekend.

In the first race, he had a poor start but managed to work his way from 37th to 23rd place, showcasing significant potential and bringing hope for the final ADAC MX Junior cup race on Sunday. In the second race the start wasn’t perfect again, but he improved to the 27th position after the start, a significant improvement from saturday. During the race, he worked his way up to 16th place, earning crucial points for himself and the team. He emphasized that these were the first points he could score in the ADAC MX Masters on hard pack terrain and that he’s aware of the starting issue and will continue to work on it. The bike performed well, but the high altitude and warm weather took a toll on his energy.

He was particularly grateful for the lightweight helmet and airy Fly brand clothing, as well as the Snickers clothing worn off the track between races.

All the riders and the team express their gratitude to the sponsors who make their participation in this racing series possible.

Next ADAC race is the final ADAC race of the 2023 season 30.9.2023 – 1.10.2023 in Dreetz.

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