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Race Report MX Masters Tensfeld #6 | Close to top 10 result

For the Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team, it was a weekend of mixed feelings in Tensfeld. Once again, it was a race without the 125cc category, so the team was represented by only three members. Junior Bal (#17) and Fabian Trossen (#622) ADAC MX YOUNGSTER Cup. Samuel Flink #750 racing the sixth round of the ADAC MX Masters series. The track conditons were perfect during the weekend. The mostly good weather and sandy terrain provided favorable racing conditions, and even the brief rain shower on Sunday afternoon didn’t change that. The races were watched by roughly 11,000 delighted spectators.

See the slideshow photo gallery below with racing pictures and videos during the weekend


Photos: Frederik Bosch / @frebo_media

For Junior Bal, things looked pretty good at the start of the weekend. He qualified directly in 8th place in his group in the ADAC MX Youngster Cup, earning the team 10 points. The first race on saturday he started in 15th position and finished the race in 11th place, giving him a good feeling for the upcoming races on Sunday. The following day, Junior completed the second race in 19th place. Motivated to perform better in the final race, he gave it his all. However, in the 9th lap, while riding in 18th position, his bike turned sideways mid-jump, and he couldn’t correct it, resulting in a severe crash where he broke his collarbone, forcing him to abandon the race.

“I had a super weekend with a good feeling on the bike and was happy to be back with the team. It’s just a pity that the weekend ended wrong. I want to thank the team for the trust and ADAC medical team for helping me to make everything as painless as possible.” – Junior Bal

Samuel Flink couldn’t directly qualify for the races with his 8th place in the qualifying of the ADAC MX Masters group. However, he gave it his all in the Last Chance Race. Not only did he immediately take the holeshot, but he also led the entire field throughout the race, maintaining his lead to the finishline. He was extremely satisfied with his performance in this race. In the first race on Saturday, he started in 31st place and finished in 27th position, but he couldn’t replicate the same feeling as in the LCQ. In the second race on Sunday afternoon, he had a good start but lost his rear brake after the first lap, finishing in 31st place. In the final third race, Samuel fought his way back to 25th place.

“Overall, I had a good weekend and got plenty of experience. Now I will get ready for the next ADAC MX Masters in Holzgerlingen. I would like to thank my team and all our sponsors for the help and constant support.” – Samuel Flink

The team was present all weekend long to support the Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team riders. Mechanics, physiotherapist, tireservice, components and bikeparts, paddock accommodation teammanager and many more.
This weekend would not be possible without the support of our partners.

Fabian Trossen had a mixed weekend. He finally felt comfortable with his new bike but only secured the 20th place in his group during the ADAC MX Youngster Cup qualifying. This meant he had to prove himself in the Last Chance Qualifying, which he did, finishing in 8th place. Starting from the 38th position in the first race on Saturday, he finished in 37th place. He placed 36th in the second race on Sunday. The rain and issues with his goggles caused problems in the last race. His goggles first fogged up, obstructing his vision, and then his second pair broke. Pit stops cost him several positions. After deciding to ride without them altogether, he finished the race in 34th place.

All the weekend’s results can be found online at

This weekend (9th/10th September), the ADAC MX Masters returns with its junior classes – the ADAC MX Youngster Cup, ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 and ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 – for the penultimate event of the season at the Schützenbühlring in Holzgerlingen.

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