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Race Report | ADAC #1 Fürstlich Drehna | 2023 season opener

The junior classes of the ADAC MX Masters season opener in Fürstlich Drehna offered the 10,500 spectators exciting races over the weekend. The Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team riders were ready for racing whole weekend long. The sandy track was just as challenging for the drivers as the cold temperatures. Good results mixed with results to be improved for the Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team riders during the weekend.

Junior Bal – MX Youngster Cup: Race 1 24th | Race 2 23rd | Race 3 27th
Samuel Flink – MX Masters: Race 1 DNS | Race 2 30th | Race 3 29th
Romeo Pikand – MX Junior Cup: Race 1 13th | Race 2 15th
Sebastian Lorenzen MX Junior Cup: Race 1 21st | Race 2 28th
Fabian Trossen – MX Youngster Cup: LCQ 18th
Eric Schwella (Guestrider) – MX Masters: LCQ 10th

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See the slideshow photo gallery below with racing pictures during the weekend

ADAC #1 Fürstlich Drehna

Photos: Frederik Bosch / @frebo_media

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Roland Gyger – Team Manager: “Unfortunately, the wet and cold weather and the conditions in Drehna were not easy for the team. I’m satisfied with the performance of the riders and it matches the expectations for this weekend. Romeo finished in the points twice in the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 and was able to significantly improve his level compared to last year.

Junior was able to qualify directly for the races with a 13th place in his qualifying group, that’s perfect! Despite a good start in the races, Junior just finished outside of the points in the three races. A significant increase compared to 2022 is also clearly visible in Juniors performance. I’m sure Junior will finish in the points during the season.

Samuel surprised me in a positive way. For Samuel it was the first race in the ADAC MX Masters series. Taking the holeshot in the LQR on Saturday was awesome!

Points would have been possible for Sebastian, better luck next race. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough this weekend, a pity.

Unfortunately, Fabian wasn’t able to qualify for the races. Fabian is a focused rider and he will work hard and keep improving during the season.

Thanks to all sponsors who support us. And also a big thank you also to the team and the riders for the great effort in Fürstlich Drehna.”

Junior Bal | MX Youngster Cup | #17
`I learned a lot this weekend and that’s the positive thing about the weekend. I have shown what speed I can handle and now I have to make sure that I can keep the speed during the race. Unfortunately there was no good result in the race this weekend but we work hard for this to happen. The positive about my weekend are the good starts on my Husqvarna FC 250 form Joramo Off-Road shop which made it a lot easier and made sure I was in a good position, but to stay in that position until the end of the race I need to train a little more. The feeling on the bike was great and the engine did a great job. My next race is in Belgium, and my goal is to train harder and more until the next gate drop´

Samuel Flink | ADAC MX Masters | #750
´The weekend for me started pretty tough with struggling in time qualifying on saturday. I went to the LCQ, where I took the holeshot on my Yamaha YZ450F and finished 4th. This resulted for me being second reserve, so I was happy to race both motos on Sunday. They went well and I finished 30-29th. The weekend ended up being good, because I did learn a lot and I gathered a lot of experience. This was also my goal before the weekend, so I would say it was good. The positive was definitely the start in the LCQ, and also my riding pace late in the motos. I’m struggling a little bit with getting good speed early in the moto, and I lose time which I have to make up during the race. So I need to work on getting faster, right from the start of the race. The bike felt great all weekend, I really love the new 2023 model and how it rides and also how it handles. The suspension was also really a good setup also, so it’s all good. My next race is the German championship in MX1 on April the 16th in Schnaitheim. My upcoming week till next ADAC will consist of a lot of riding, and also a lot of focus on sprints. Which is good for training to speed up faster.´

Romeo Pikand | MX Junior Cup | #655
“This weekend went pretty good with a good start in the first moto on Saturday and my riding was pretty good. Second moto I did a wheelie at the start and that´s why I needed to brake so didn’t get good start but was still able to have a good race. I was riding my 2023 GasGas MC 125 pretty well. I need to make some adjustments on the suspension. The Gibson tires were really good at the starts and during the race. My next race is at European championship EMX125 in Switzerland, Frauenfeld, and I will be working hard for the race.´

Sebastian Lorenzen | MX Junior Cup | #422
´I was really looking forward to the race, but I didn’t feel comfortable all weekend on the track. My race speed during the races was not what I hoped for but overall I really enjoyed meeting the whole team.
I was really bummed that my GasGas MC 125 wasn’t feeling right all weekend and the suspension was unfortunately broken after the sighting lap on Sunday. I really liked the seat cover from #1 gripper. I love the custom made race gear from Fly Racing and the SIDI boots were great. My next race is the first round of the Danish championship, 22.4.23. I will be on the bike about four times a week and do my physical training on the other days.´

Fabian Trossen | MX Youngster Cup | #622
`For me it was a very exciting first time with the new team and the first race of the year. Unfortunately it didn´t go well for me because I didn’t manage the qualify on Saturday on my KTM SXF250, and I’m not satisfied with my speed. The positive about the weekend is my new experience and  meeting the team and other riders. We still have to change a few settings on the bike to make it even better. I will go to Italy over the easter weekend for training and then next weekend I will race the MSR Regional Championship´

Team Interview on Saturday after Day 1

ADAC Youtube Highlights ADAC

ADAC Youtube Full Replay Saturday

ADAC Youtube Full Replay Sunday

Next ADAC Race Mölln 13.5.2023 – 14.5.2023.

Track Information Mölln: The Grambeker Heidering is characterised by a changing and often quite slippery surface: the sandy to slightly earthy ground demands all riding skills. Eight jumps, a whoop section, five tables as well as step ups and step downs challenge the pilots on 1,630 meters. The circuit is very easy to overlook for the spectators, and a stand directly at the starting straight allows all fans to follow the exciting battles for position during the race.

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