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Race Report | ADAC #2 Mölln | Top 10 result for the team

The second race weekend of the 2023 ADAC MX Masters championship brought the The Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team to Mölln in the north of Germany. The 1.63 kilometers long sandtrack with multiple jumps proofed to challenge many riders to their absolute limit. Warm weather, a well-organized track and many fans in the paddock raised the mood for a successful weekend.

Romeo Pikand – MX Junior Cup: Race 1 12th | Race 2 9th
Sebastian Lorenzen MX Junior Cup: Race 1 30th | Race 2 18th
Junior Bal – MX Youngster Cup: Race 1 28th | Race 2 34th | Race 3 32nd
Samuel Flink – MX Masters: Race 1 31st| Race 2 36th | Race 3 32nd
Fabian Trossen – MX Youngster Cup: DNQ

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See the slideshow photo gallery below with racing pictures during the weekend

ADAC #2 Mölln

Photos: Frederik Bosch / @frebo_media

Despite the difficult narrow track, the MX Junior Cup 125 riders looked strong whole weekend long. Sebastian B Lorenzen managed to qualify on 10th place in his group and 19th overall on his GasGas, just 0.6sec behind his Teammate Romeo Pikand on his Husqvarna, who managed to qualify on P7th in his group and an overall 14th.

Sebastian B Lorenzen # 422

“I believe overall the weekend went pretty okay for me.”
Sebastian started the first race on saturday from P19 because of his result in time qualifying, but unfortunately he got a bad jump out of the gate to eventually finish in P30. Sebastian managed to improve his performance for the second race on saturday.  Despites being in P29 after the first lap he was able to gain positions lap by lap. To finish the race in P18 to score his first points for the 2023 championship was a good effort.
“The positives about the weekend is that I collected three points for the championship.”
He knows that the starts could go a lot better, so he knows where to improve for better results in the upcoming races.

“I felt good on the bike all weekend long and the performance of the bike was great. It was great riding in the FLY Racing gear and Sidi boots, the #1 gripper and the Gibson tires were important for the grip on the slippery track. My next race will be at the ADAC MX Masters in Randers. I will be focusing on the starts.”

Romeo Pikand # 655

Romeo was able to transform the good result from the qualifying in to the races. On saturday he managed to finish in P19 in time qualifying.
Despite the difficult track Romeo managed to claim 21 points for the championship. In the first race on saturday he started in P23 after the first lap. But with good speed on the bike he managed to gain 11 positions which is an impressive result as the narrow and slippery track is pretty difficult to overtake. The second race went even better where he finished on an impressive P9. After the first lap Romeo was in P11. His laptimes were good for top 5 position with a best laptime of 1:54:624. He showed good endurance to take some extra positions at the end of the second race. In the overall championship classification after race two of ten Romeo is in P10!!

Unfortunately in the ADAC MX Youngster Cup it did not go as expected. Both technical problems and crashes didn’t make it possible to end up with a good overall result.

Junior Bal # 17

Junior was looking forward to the race to improve his results. He managed to finish in P22 in time qualifying on Saturday. The first race on Saturday Junior finished on P28 outside the points. Unfortunately Junior was not able to improve his results on sunday partly due some little crashes.
“I was able to ride some good laps in the qualifying and free practice but the result in the races where not good enough. Feeling on the track was not great, but the bike was very good, and I am going to train more and harder for the upcoming ADAC MX Masters in Randers. I was struggling all weekend long. I think everyone expected and wanted a better result.”

Fabian Trossen # 622

Due to technical difficulties he had to retire after the training sessions.
The bike had already caused some problems during the race in Fürstlich Drehna. We will get the bike ready for the next ADAC race as soon as possible.
In the ADAC MX Masters class we got mixed results during the weekend. Unfortunately our rider Samuel Flink wasn’t able to perform 100% because of a little illness during the weekend.

Samuel Flink #750

“Mölln was a difficult weekend for me, I struggled with getting comfortable on the track and finding my flow.”
Samuel managed, just like his first ADAC MX Masters in Drehna, to qualify for the races by the last chance qualifying race on saturday. Once again he managed to claim the holeshot to eventually finish in P4. 
“I gained more experience this weekend in this new class, even though the performance was not the best from my side, but overall, I felt like I learned a lot and there are some positives to take away from the weekend.”
The start in the last chance qualifying race was very good, but during the race he struggled to get comfortable on the track and his bike.
“I was getting sick in Mölln, and now after the race it has gotten worse. I will take one or two days off and will do some riding afterwards. This upcoming week I have photo shoot with the team.” His next race will be upcoming weekend on sunday, a round of the DM open in Lugau.

During the race weekend it is always helpful to have good equipment with you. Especially the backpack from CLC Europe, to stock tools that we can bring into the pit lane, was very helpful, it’s a great product.

Roland Gyger Team Manager
“Overall, I was satisfied with the performance of the team. Romeo Pikand raced two very strong races and scored valuable points for the team. I am very satisfied with Romeo’s performance. Sebastian Lorenzen also scored points in Mölln. I hope he can repeat his performance in the next race at his home race in Randers / DK.
Samuel made it into the final races through the LCR. Just like in Fürstlich Drehna, he also took the holeshot in LCR and ended up P4. Unfortunately, he could not repeat the strong performance of the LCR in the races. Junior Bal made it straight into the final races! Just like Samuel, Junior failed to repeat the performance in the races. Unfortunately, Fabian had technical problems with his bike and had to give up. A big thank you to the team and our sponsors. This would not be possible without all of you!”

Next ADAC race 27.5 – 28.5 Randers Denmark!

Video Saturday
Video Sunday

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