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Race Report MX Masters Randers Denmark #3 | Top 5 result for the team!

It was a tough and successful weekend for the Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team. The team managed to get valuable points at the “Honda Park Randers” in Denmark. The 1.6km long sandtrack was the venue for the third race of the ADAC MX Masters.

Good weather conditions, a compact track with a lot of overtaking opportunities and many jumps gave the riders of the Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team a chance to prove themselves in Denmark. The RGS MX Team was able to show good starts, quick overtaking maneuvers and managed to claim important points, but this was accompanied by annoying failures and missed opportunities.

The riders in the MX Junior Cup 125 looked very strong. Both riders of the Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team were able to qualify right away and that´s why they had the opportunity to choose good starting positions for the races.

Romeo Pikand # 655

Romeo Pikand qualified for P9 unfortunately he was involved in a crash on the first lap and was forced to park the bike. Frustrated by the poor result after such a promising qualifying session, all hope was pinned on the second race.

Unfortunately, there was no improvement after another crash, this time on the second lap he was again forced to park the bike and retire from the race.

The second accident was not only a disappointment but also resulted in a wrist injury for the young rider.

Sebastian B Lorenzen # 422

The weekend went much better for our other rider in the junior class, Sebastian B Lorenzen.

“I think the weekend went good and solid with some good points.” Is the impression by the young Danish rider.

“I qualified 6th in my group. First heat I got a decent start, when I was battling for 10th place, I had a small crash, but I was later able to catch him again and finished 10th position. In the second race I got bad jump out of the gate but saved the start pretty good, my riding wasn’t the best but fought my way up to 12. And finished 9th overall on the weekend.”

He was able to improve his starts from last time. Overall he is very happy with the weekend, the results as well as the sponsors and the team.

“The bike was feeling great, and the performance was perfect.

The Fly Racing gear is amazing and the Sidi boots are the best. The AFAM kit was under hard pressure but held the pressure perfect. The Snickers Workwear was comfortable to wear off the track, and the Gibson tires were amazing as always. The Roy ice tea and the Bloody Harry Energy kept me hydrated on the race weekend.”

It also looked good for the RGS MX team in the ADAC MX Youngster Cup. Both riders exceeded expectations and Junior managed to score points.

Junior Bal # 17

After a great start in the first race Junior only failed to claim the Hole Shot by a margin and ended up in second place. Unfortunately, he was not able to hold the position for the entire race and ended up in P5. Still, this showed a big improvement and much potential for the upcoming races.

“I’ve made progress this weekend but we’re still a long way from where we need to be. I was P5 in the first race on Saturday and got P21 and P18on Sunday. This is a big Improvement.”

After the last race he focused on the starts and had success with his training.

“My starts are better now but by the third race I was exhausted again. I must keep training at it. The Bike was very good thanks to Husqvarna Belgium.”

His next race will be again in the ADAC MX Masters this time in Bielstein. Till then he trains as much as possible to further improve on his past successes.

Fabian Trossen # 622
After the technical problems, Fabian Trossen could now prove his ability. The rookie managed to qualify as a reserve driver in the LCR and took part in 2 of 3 races. He was unable to match the results of his more experienced teammate but was pleased with his results and the new bike. The soft sand is challenging because the fast sections are very uneven. The track offers many opportunities to overtake, and he had fun riding it.

Unfortunately, things didn’t look so good for the team in the ADAC MX Masters category.

Samuel Flink #750

Samuel hasn’t been able to perform at 100% in the last few races and this weekend was no exception. The young Swede was only able to qualify for the main races with the Last Chance race but gave everything for it. In an exciting race, he managed to win the hole shot for the third time in a row but kept losing places over the course of the race. However, he was able to qualify for the races.

Unfortunately, the success could not be exploited because his illness prevented him from competing in the races.

“Randers was a tough one for me, I dealt with sickness through the whole week before and during the race weekend. I was p17 in my qualifying group which sadly was not enough for a straight qualification, only top 15 went through.

In the last chance race, I took the holeshot but instantly after one lap I felt very weak and fatigued. Main issue is my throat that hurt. But I finished 4th among the 450 guys so I qualified. But I decided to be smart in the long run and didn’t race the races.

I didn’t want to risk getting sicker.  Very sad way to end the weekend but it was the right choice. I anyways felt good on the back the laps I could do, and I can feel that I’m improving every race. Afterwards I went to the hospital and found out I have a infection on my throat tonsils. So I’m now on medication and will take the week off.  Next weekend it will be all good again and back to training. I’ll be back and ready for Bielstein.”

He’s been showing his potential since the start of the season and will be able to prove it once he’s recovered.

Next race 17.6 – 18.6 Bielstein ADAC #4.

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