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Race Report MX Masters Bielstein #4 | Mixed results for the team!

The race weekend for The Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team was marked by a series of ups and downs. Every member gave their best and managed to make the most out of the weekend. The “Waldkurs” in Bielstein presented a challenging clay surface that demanded a lot from the riders, especially with temperatures reaching around 30 degrees Celsius. With fast sections, high jumps, drying corners, and heavily watered slippery sections, all the riders were pushed to their limits during the weekend.

With only three riders taking part due to the absence of the  ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 class, the team faced a smaller lineup than usual. Samuel Flink competed in the ADAC MX Masters class, while Junior Bal and Fabian Trossen represented the team in the ADAC MX Youngster Cup.

Samuel Flink had a difficult start of the weekend in the ADAC MX Masters class. Unfortunately, he initially failed to qualify in time qualifying, but had the opportunity to participate in the “Last Chance” race. Determined to secure a spot in the main races, Samuel gave it his all. However, luck was not on his side as he dislocated his shoulder after a jump, resulting in a devastating setback. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, his determination was admirable. As Samuel described, “Bielstein was unfortunately another setback for me. I didn’t find myself comfortable at all on the track, and I rode super tight and stiff. This led to the need to race the LCQ again, where I was third in the start. Then, I made my way up to second and stayed in second place until I, after some laps, fell over in a turn. My shoulder popped out even before I hit the ground, and once I hit the ground, it popped back in fortunately. This led to the need to pull in and end my race weekend. So now, I have to take two weeks off the bike to let my shoulder heal and hopefully prevent it from happening again. It’s been some difficult times lately, but I’ll get through it.”

In the ADAC MX Youngster Cup, Junior Bal showcased his skills and resilience. He managed to qualify during the time training, demonstrating his talent and ambition. However, misfortune struck in the first of the three races when his motor broke down. Despite this setback, Junior was able to compete in the two races on Sunday. In a remarkable display of endurance, he even managed to score points in the first race on Sunday. Impressively, he achieved this with his spare bike, which lacked the same performance parts as his main bike. The warm-up on Sunday morning was crucial for him because it was the first time he was able to test the bike at this track. He was feeling good and had fun but unfortunately couldn’t perform at the same speed as the day before. Although he may have been disappointed with the overall result, Junior’s ability to score points on a less-than-ideal bike was truly impressive. He now aims to train harder during the summer break to maximize his potential throughout the entire weekend. “I will train harder and more, I called Finn Bosch (@finnbosch_training), the athletic performance coach on race days, I make some changes on my training program. Overall, I had a fun weekend.”

Fabian Trossen, the team’s final rider, faced his own set of challenges throughout the entire race weekend. Despite giving his best effort, he couldn’t qualify during the time training. To make it even worse, he was involved in a collision at the start of the “Last Chance” race, further hindering his chances. It was a tough blow for Fabian, but he showed resilience and maintained a positive attitude despite the setbacks.

The race weekend schedule included the time training and “Last Chance” race on Saturday, followed by the second and third races on Sunday. The track in Bielstein proved to be a demanding and thrilling battleground for the riders. The event itself was well-organized, and the presence of enthusiastic fans added an electrifying atmosphere to the races. The competition was intense, with talented riders from various teams pushing their limits to secure victory.

Although The Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team faced challenges and obstacles during the race weekend, they showcased resilience and perseverance. Each rider demonstrated their skills and fought hard, even in the face of adversity. The team can be proud of their efforts, and they will undoubtedly use the experience as motivation to come back stronger in the future.

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