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Dave Abbing ready for the ADAC MX Masters this weekend in Dreetz

This weekend 21-22 May the start of the 2022 ADAC Season in Dreetz Germany.

Read all the race info including live video stream click here

This weekend 21-22 May the start of the 2022 ADAC Season in Dreetz Germany.

Question: How are you? How are you feeling? Are you ready for ADAC
Dave: My injury from the 2021 season is healed so I am feeling good and yes I am ready for the ADAC MX Masters championship!

Question: How did you prepare for the first ADAC race of the season?
Dave: I did train a lot in the sand including tracks like Lommel Belgium because the first ADAC round in Dreetz is also very deep sand.

Question: What races did you allready do in 2022?
I did a local race last weekend just for testing the racebike. We had time time to solve some little problems with the bikes and setup. This race was perfect to simulate a race weekend and be 100% ready for the start of the ADAC season.

Question: Whats your memory about ADAC and Dreetz?
Last year I only did the time qualifying in Dreetz. In time qualifying I did have a big crash. The jumps were pretty steep on Saturday and there was to much water on the track, which made the track muddy on parts of the track.

Question: What other races are you riding besides ADAC?
Dave: My focus is the ADAC MX Masters championship! But I will be racing some other races on tracks which help me to prepare for the next ADAC race.

Question: What are your expectations this weekend?
The first goal is to qualify for the races and do my best in the races. I hope I can show my speed during the weekend just like I have during the training sessions and for me it’s important to feel comfortable with the bike and the track.

Question: Who would you like to thank?
I would like to thank the Bloody Harry RGS MX Team and  everyone who helped me. All the partners of the team, and KLM Transport, BGB, my family and Roland for continuing the partnership.

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