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Race Report MX Masters Gaildorf #5 | Improvements for the team

The race weekend for The Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team was challenging. The weekend’s weather played a important role. On Saturday, the weather was dry and warm, resulting in dusty conditions. Sunday brought a drop in temperature to around 15 degrees celsius, accompanied by heavy rain. Unfortunately, the rain was so intense they had no other option to cancel the 85cc class and the final races for the Youngster and Master classes.

The challenging hard-packed track in Baden-Württemberg has hosted some of the most prestigious motocross events in the past. Under dry conditions, the surface can become both hard and slippery, while some moisture can render it incredibly grippy. However, excessive rain turns it into a true sliding challenge.

The Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team continues to face challenges in the ADAC MX Masters class. Already at the start of the training sessions, it became evident that Samuel Flink will be up against tough competition on the demanding track. These concerns were confirmed during both the qualifying and the Last Chance Race.

Samuel stated: “The weekend in Gaildorf didn’t go as planned for me. I struggled to feel comfortable on the track, and the overall feeling on the bike during recent races hasn’t been optimal. I perform well in the weeks leading up to the race, but when it’s time to put it all together, I can’t seem to get it right. It’s a bit tough at the moment, but I’ll keep fighting and find a solution to this soon.”

The team fully supports Samuel and assists him wherever possible. Samuel is now preparing for the upcoming race in Tensfeld  on 26th -27th august, where he has good memories racing there several times before and enjoying the track.

Things looked both good and bad for the ADAC MX YOUNGSTER Cup Riders of the The Bloody Harry Energy – RGS MX Team. Junior Bal had quite a good weekend where he successfully qualified on saturday and secured 10 points for the championship. In terms of raceresults, he achieved a respectable 19th and 13th place finish in the races, noting but a positive feeling in both races. Even with the improvements Junior did make in the last season he acknowledged the potential for better starts in future races. In such changing conditions the riders has to work with the right gear. Junior pointed out that particularly Riesel Design’s extended visor was especially helpful to handle the rainy conditions during the second series.

Looking ahead, his next race is scheduled at Keiheuvel Balen, and his training strategy revolves around maximizing time on his bike.

Unfortunately the weekend didn´t look so great for Fabian Trossen. He isn’t particularly satisfied with his weekend performance, mainly due to lingering discomfort on the bike following a fall last year. In the Last Chance Qualifying, he faced a challenging start but managed to make impressive progress, securing the 5th position. Unfortunately, this effort was just not enough to qualify for the main races.

Fabian expressed disappointment about not being able to race on Sunday. He was eager to showcase his skills and abilities in the mud.
Moving forward, Fabian’s focus will be on improving his sprinting abilities to achieve faster laptimes during qualifying sessions. He aims to enhance his performance and secure a stronger position in future races.

Overall the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 was quite successfull.

Sebastian Lorenzen described the weekend as “okay,” because he struggled to find his rhythm on the bike. His performance in Heat 1 was affected by a poor start due to a bad first shift, but he managed to finish 21st after a decent race. Heat 2 saw a slight improvement in his start, yet a first-lap slip led to a series of challenges, culminating in a stuck throttle and a DNF.

Sebastian’s positives from the weekend included better passing skills, although he recognized the need to address mistakes. As it was only his second time on the new bike, he admitted not feeling entirely comfortable. Notable sponsor products improving his performance included AFAM components, Fly Racing gear, and Gipson tires. Looking ahead, Sebastian’s next race will be the Danish Championship, and his training focus will be on regaining comfort and improving his performance.

The ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 rider Romeo Pikand felt more comfortable on his bike, facing the demanding track, was ready for the challenge.

Despite the strong competition Romeo managed to consistently perform in the midfield, showcasing his progress compared to the previous year by significantly improving his position.

He is thankful for the team’s efforts and sponsor support for his achievements over the weekend. Looking ahead, he aims to build on this success and continue his upward trajectory in the races to come.


Next Race #R6 | 26-27 august Tensfeld (No ADAC MX Junior Cup 125)

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